Brain wounds

Brain hemorrhages can be divided into those related to trauma, and those that occur spontaneously according to the reasons of their occurrence.

Conditions leading to brain hemorrhage:

1-Trauma: the head is a blow. The brain hemorrhages that develop due to the place where the darbenin is coming from and the damaged was created by the head (such as bone fracture, brain tissue damage, vessel injury) can be in various types and compartments.

2-Hypertension (hypertension): As a result of blood pressure rise, bleeding may occur inside the brain tissue or between the membranes surrounding the brain.

3-Due to vascular disease: Brain hemorrhages that occur in conditions such as aneurysms that cause weakening of the vessel wall are usually located between the membranes surrounding the brain.

4- It may occur in small veins in the brain or as a result of congestion in the main veins of the brain.

5-Bleeding may develop in the brain tissue which is damaged due to insufficient blood or other reasons.

6-In some brain tumors, intratumoral hemorrhages may occur.

7 - In some blood disorders, as in other organs of the body, brain hemorrhage can also be seen.

Brain bleeding from non-traumatic causes can be examined in the following subheadings:

1) Intracerebral hemorrhages due to hypertension (hypertensive intracerebral hematomas)

2) Intracerebral hemorrhages due to vascular anomalies

3) Subarachnoidal haemorrhage (SAH)

4) Subdural hemorrhages